The Five Personas

The Five Personas Benchmark™ is a competency-based assessment tool designed for trainers, facilitators and experts who want to understand the natural strengths and potential hazards of their unique style.

Participants are introduced to The Five Personas(TM) -- The Sensei, The Drill Sergeant, The Superhero, The Confidant, and The Jester -- complete an online assessment and receive a personalized report to discover their unique facilitation style.

They learn, for instance, the impact that too much Jester and not enough Sensei can have on their effectiveness. Using this information, facilitators are able to Shift and adapt their individual style to strengthen their performance.

Facilitators develop a personalized, concrete action plan to practice and receive feedback. In addition to increasing audience engagement, the Five Personas Benchmark™ enables participants to grow as leaders and masterful facilitators.

The Sensei
The Drill Sergeant
The Superhero
The Confidant
The Jester

No matter the content. No matter the audience. A masterful facilitator maximizes the strengths of five unique personas. Each persona serves a purpose. They combine to deliver a powerful experience for the participants.

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